Get the most out of your skin with these makeup tips

Makeup should be tailored to each skin type. And age is one of the most important factors to consider. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity, blemishes… are just some of the signs that the passage of time has on our skin. With these makeup tips for mature skins you will look great and you will not feel in disguise.

If wrinkles are already evident on our face, especially in the contours of the lips and eyes, as well as on the eyelids, we must adhere to these unwritten rules to adapt to our «new» features and thus achieve a flattering appearance.

1-Preset with your skin

The first makeup trick for mature skin is to unite with your skin. You have to assume that wrinkles will not go away no matter how much makeup you wear. Although many people think that the best thing to hide the old skin is a good cover, on the contrary, using too much will only make them mark more. In addition, over the years the skin becomes drier, so using a lot of powders or foundation will make us end up with the dreaded mask effect. Learn to accept your new skin, and take care of it with good products, because preparing it for makeup is essential. Thus, to achieve a good finish on mature skin, we must choose «light products that provide a good level of hydration to the skin» The best makeup advice is always to try not to hide our skin, but to improve it as much as possible.

2-Less is always more

From a certain age, it always follows the maxim of «less is more». High-coverage products give too much weight to the skin, highlighting texture more and hence the fine lines and imperfections. ” In addition, illuminators with clearer particles further emphasize the texture of the skin and wrinkles. ” So you need to look for one that gives a natural finish and gives the light that naturally loses the skin over the years. Cream textures are more recommended than powder textures. Concealer will be a great ally as long as we do not misuse the amount because it will end up getting into wrinkles and marking them much more. Finally, it is highly recommended to use an illuminator in a neutral tone without too much brightness. It will help us fight sagging and loss of face definition. We can apply it to the bone of the nose, in the upper part and the cheekbones, on the chin and in the arch of the eyebrow and tear.

3-Apply bluso above

In terms of coloring, there are no rules, so we should honor each person’s style. However, it is advisable to keep in mind that if the bluso is very bright it can highlight pore or expression lines more. If you are looking for an immediate lifting effect, follow this advice. Apply blush not so much to the center of the cheeks, but to the top, near the temples, with an increasing stroke. You will be able to visually raise the cheekbones and add volume to the face. Applying a bit of the same blusote to the eyelids will instantly rejuvenate the look.

4-Pay attention to eyebrows

The eyebrows lose thickness over the years, but one of the basic tricks of makeup for mature skin is not to forget them. Well-defined eyebrows will help enlarge the eyes, which with age become smaller. But it escapes from pencils and chooses better powder textures, which have a more natural result. And pay attention to the color. There is nothing that ages more than eyebrows filled with a shade darker than hair.

5-Fallen eye?

Another clear sign of mature skin is the drooping eyelid, making it difficult for non-professionals to apply shadows properly. In these cases the trick is to bypass the fall and blur the falling skin to create a fully rising effect. That is, fill up over the falling fold with dark shadows blurring in the opposite direction. The more we blur, the more we will lift our eye. Dark colors will create the feeling of depth lacked by drooping eyelids

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