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5 principles of taking care of acne skin to help skin become smooth again quickly

For normal and dry skin, exfoliation is indispensable. Not only removes the old cell layer and reveals the new, smooth skin, exfoliates the pores to unclog pores, preventing acne breakouts. However, for oily and acne-prone skin, is exfoliating that useful?

Acne is a local inflammation of the hair follicles – sebaceous glands, which can happen to anyone, whether in adolescence or adulthood. If skin care is often a waste of time, when you have acne skin, you have to struggle with it tenfold. One of the tips you get when dealing with acne is: “Always keep your skin clear to prevent bacteria from accumulating, forming acne”, so you work hard to exfoliate regularly. Because this is the fastest way to free pores from sebum, dirt.

However, it is also more difficult to exfoliate acne skin than normal skin. And here are the things you need to keep in mind:

Don’t exfoliate too often

Acne skin is always judged to be weak, more sensitive than dry or normal skin. Therefore, exfoliating too often does more harm than good. At that time, the more dry skin becomes and naturally reflexively, the more oil it releases to balance this state. The greasy the skin, the more acne grows.

The ideal exfoliation frequency for acne skin is 1-2 times a week. As a result, the skin will be cleaned without damaging the natural protective film, making the skin even more weak and acne prone.

Choose the right exfoliating product

If you have oily skin and are not susceptible to the sensitive issues like that rash or rashes, weekly exfoliating will help you fight acne while keeping your skin smooth and clean. But note, do not use too strong exfoliants. Instead, turn the cleanser you use every day into a mild, non-irritating cleanser. You spread the cleanser on your face and massage gently with your fingers. This is considered a common daily exfoliation step, helping to remove dirt, makeup and sebum.

For deep scrubs, you also need to choose the right product. Physical exfoliants need to be removed first. They contain loads of small particles that make it very easy to damage the skin, leaving small scratches – a chance for acne to grow. Meanwhile, the most recommended chemical exfoliants. Salicylic acid in these products is effective in removing dead cells and excess oil that clog pores, without damaging the skin.

Prioritize exfoliation with natural products

If you are still concerned whether to use exfoliating products for acne skin, look for natural exfoliating masks. They are both inexpensive and do not irritate the skin. Some recommended masks are:

♥ Oatmeal mask – honey – apple cider vinegar: B vitamins and minerals (zinc, magnesium, iron …) will remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells, leaving the skin with a clear appearance.

♥ Sugar-free yogurt mask – rice bran powder: helps to cleanse the rough layer of dead cells, control sebum, effectively fade dark spots, and moisturize the skin.

♥ Green tea – honey mask: Girlfriends with acne skin love to use green tea to take care of the skin, because it not only exfoliates effectively but also contains many vitamins for healthy skin, blurring dark spots. . Combining green tea with honey, the oily condition will be quickly reversed.

♥ Lemon mask – egg whites: lemons are rich in natural acids, helping to cleanse the skin and remove sebum. Egg whites nourish the skin soft.

♥ Coffee grounds mask: Don’t throw away coffee grounds in a hurry after each use, as it’s great to use as an exfoliating mask. This material contains powerful antioxidants, which are effective in removing the ageing layers of the skin’s horny cells, effectively removing excess oil.

Protect skin after exfoliation

After exfoliation, skin becomes weak within a day or two. At that time, it really needs to be protected and shielded carefully. Use moisturizers to moisturize your skin, acne creams to heal acne, as well as sunscreen to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

A set of care products for acne skin is also the best choice for you. You need a cleansing gel that gently cleanses, prevents acne-causing bacteria; Acne gel to quickly reduce the size of acne and acne, fade dark scars in a very fast time.

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