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Happiest! 11 psychological tricks for everyday life

Communicating with people, everyday situations that you have to face, problems that you have to solve… Every day is filled with different emotions, many of which are negative. But how do you deal with the bad to be the happiest? Watch 11 practical and easy-to-apply tips for every day.

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1. Keep friends close, enemies closer

There is something right in these cliches. You can easily apply it in your daily life. Imagine that you meet with colleagues and expect someone to accuse you of something in front of everyone. You can avoid this situation by sitting right next to this person. That’s right It deprives you of the opportunity to distance yourself And you can even change his business plan. It applies to many situations.

2. Don’t react when someone raises your voice

People who raise their voices often expect a reaction. It feeds their anger and behavior. If you maintain your composure and don’t react, you will confuse them. They may even change their behavior and apologize.

3. If you get an unsatisfactory answer, look him in the eyes

If you are talking to someone and you get an answer that you do not believe or do not like, look directly into the eyes of the interlocutor. You don’t even have to ask again. Hold on and don’t break the connection. This will keep him talking.

4. Always remember people’s names

If you want to be liked and have successful connections with people, then remember their names. If the situation and relationship are completely unprofessional, ask how to address the person. This It will shorten the distance between you. Use nouns whenever you talk to someone.

5. Write down your thoughts when you are nervous

Do not control your anger and strong emotions. When you are stressed and have no one to talk to, keep a diary. Diaries are a great way to deal with stress. And if you write it regularly, you may get to know each other better.


6. How do you make decisions easier?

Do you find it difficult to make a decision? Do you think your options are endless? Sometimes everyone gets shocked and doesn’t know where to go. In these situations, take a piece of paper and write down your options. Get rid of them one by one until there are 2-3. You can write down the pros and cons and make an informed decision. Sometimes ideas are clearer when they are on paper.

7. Change the position of the body

The position of the body determines how others perceive us. This applies to both personal and professional life. Always walk straight, extending your shoulders back and lifting your chin. Avoid holding your arms in front of or behind your body, and do not place them on your hips – let them rest on the side Look into people’s eyes, don’t look away. When talking do not touch your face because it shows nervousness.

8. How to win on “Rock, Scissors, Paper”

Do your experience. Challenge someone to play “Rock, Scissors, Paper”. Right before the game starts, ask the person a random question. This will confuse him and he will almost certainly appear as ‘scissors’.

Did you succeed?


9. Help Appreciate

Everyone loves to feel appreciated. Therefore, when you ask someone for help, make sure that he/she understands how much you appreciate the efforts made. Another important thing is to always start your application with the words “I need your help…”.

10. Warm your hands before shaking hands

Cold hands are subconsciously associated with a lack of confidence. So, if you know you’re about to meet someone, try warming your hands beforehand.

11. When dating, take note of your eye color

When you meet someone, try to notice the color of your eyes. If the situation permits, You can even compliment. This prolongs somewhat short eye contact when dating and makes you appear more friendly.

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