Reusable bandages-advantages and disadvantages

Disposable bandages are one of the convenient facilities that modern women can enjoy. But more and more people talk about their harm to the environment. Would you replace them with reusable bandages?

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There are many reasons why women are more willing to go To reusable bandages. Perhaps it is the desire to live a more environmentally friendly life and eliminate disposable products in life.

Another reason is to reduce possible exposure to toxins and perfume. Disposable bandages can irritate intimate areas and cause rashes and redness.

  • Would you use reusable bandages instead?

  • Why or why not?

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Advantages of reusable bandages

With thinking about nature -Depending on the care and use, the reusable dressing can be used for at least 5 years, and sometimes even 7-10 years. On the other hand, ordinary sanitary napkins do not decompose naturally in nature.

More comfortable -The reusable bandage is made of cotton fabric, which is less irritating to the skin.

They do not contain chemicals Different from ordinary dressings.

They save money -The initial investment is higher than reusable dressings. But in the long run, it will save you money.

Environmentally friendly recycling

Disadvantages of reusable dressings

Unwell -Some women worry about blood or poor absorption. The latter is subjective because it depends on the quality of the product-just like standard sanitary napkins. You may feel discomfort during washing-this is unacceptable and pleasant for everyone.

Large initial investment -In the long run, reusable bandages will save you money, but the unit price is higher.

They can move -Because they don’t have glue like normal ones. This problem can be corrected by wearing tight underwear.

Not suitable for travelBecause you can’t throw them away. And it is not always convenient to clean it immediately.

Reusable bandage

curious: Studies have found a link between the duration of the menstrual cycle, pain and the use of reusable bandages. Some women report that menstruation is more painful and shorter than usual since giving up conventional dressings.

You will find in the market Many tricks From reusable bandages. There are options for weaker and richer menstruation.Some models are Use impervious textiles -More safety and comfort.

Menstrual underwear

An interesting alternative to reusable bandages are so-called bandages. Menstrual underwearWith it, the bandage is part of the bikini. It can be worn for 5-8 hours and most often absorbs up to 1-2 feminine tampons.

Will you give up disposable bandages?

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