Stomach Botox at Vita Hospital-Innovative Aid for Treatment of Obesity

Diet does not help you in any way, you cannot give up desserts, your work does not involve any exercise, you have 10-15 rings, but do you really want to lose weight? In this case, the role of gastric botulinum/gastric botulinum/gastric botulinum is indispensable. This is a new, modern, and effective method of reducing appetite. Experts successfully applied.


What is Botox in the stomach?

This is a manipulation method that has been frequently used in the world in the past 10-15 years.

Putting Botox into the stomach is a new way to lose weight. Botulinum toxin is injected into certain parts of the stomach based on an endoscope. Therefore, the contraction of the gastric muscle is restricted, the gastric emptying speed is slowed, and the patient’s appetite drops sharply.

How does the procedure work?

Let me first clarify that this is not an operation, and it is not even necessary to stay overnight in the hospital.that’s all Endoscopic surgery performed by mouth. Gastroscopy must be performed on an empty stomach.

The only discomfort for the patient is the injection during intravenous anesthesia before the start of the gastroscopy, which allows a detailed examination of the inside of the stomach. After a thorough examination, botulinum toxin is injected into a specific area.

The operation lasts an average of 15 to 20 minutes, after which the patient will wake up, and he will be discharged after an hour or two.

Who is this operation suitable for?

This is a good solution for all patients with irregular diets, patients who do not exercise regularly, and patients with health problems related to obesity.

This method is suitable for patients with body mass index/BMI/ not higher than 35 and between 18 and 65 years old.. It is not recommended for people with high body mass index and the elderly.

Occasionally, during gastroscopy, gastric disease may be detected, which is unexpected to the patient. In this case, Botox injections cannot be performed. Such diseases include: gastric ulcer, gastritis and duodenal ulcer, gastric botulinum should be used after treatment.

How many pounds does the patient lose after gastric botulinum injection?

Using this method, you can lose 4 to 20 pounds in 5-6 months. It is important to establish a new way of eating after this operation, and this way will become permanent for you.

How long does the effect last after surgery?

The effect of gastric botulinum toxin starts 72 hours after surgery, and Lasts about four to six months. Then you need to review and evaluate the progress of weight loss and whether the obesity-related damage is compensated.

Under certain conditions Botulinum toxin can be repeated three times in a row after six months.

For patients who have lost enough weight and their health problems have been eliminated, gastric botulinum injections should not be repeated, and it is recommended to continue eating and exercising.

What are the benefits of stomach botulinum?

The main advantage of gastric botulinum toxin is that the procedure is not an operation and the patient can return to daily life immediately. Since there are no incisions and sutures, there is no need for postoperative dressing and recovery period. Compared with other weight loss methods, Gastrointestinal Botox is the fastest and most comfortable way to lose weight.

Are there any side effects of gastric botulinum toxin? what are they?

Botox, which is frequently used in medical cosmetic procedures in the world, has no known dangerous side effects. Since the injection of botulinum to the stomach is an endoscopic procedure, no significant side effects have been reported in the literature.

People with muscle diseases and botulinum allergies should not use stomach botulinum.

Where and how can we consult and register gastric botulinum?

In Bulgaria, Stomach Botox is only placed in the Vita Hospital.

  • The price is 1600 BGN and includes:

Check by a gastroenterologist before the operation;
Minimal laboratory testing
All necessary consumables.

To register for Stomach Botox, you can call Register in MHAT VITA Base 2 Or through Super document.

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